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Scope of services

  • TQ offers qualified support by designated product specialists with project experience
  • Support is provided by phone or in written by email in German and English and, after consultation, also locally at the customer’s site
  • Free download of manuals and software tools from our website
  • Creation of support tickets
  • Logging of the ticket history (including correspondence, arrangements etc.)
  • Definition of a request (incident)

    A request must be related to products purchased from TQ. It is specialized and of detailed consistency. Requests can only be answered, if the following information is provided:

    General Information*
    Address (first name, last name, company, address, e-mail / telephone)

    Technical information about the product*
    Product description (e.g. TQM850L-AD)
    Revision number (e.g. Rev. 301)
    Operating system (e.g. Linux) + version (e.g. Linux 2.6.x)
    Boot-Loader (e.g. U-Boot) + version (e.g. U-Boot 1.3.x) 

    ​​​​​Type of request*​​​
    Question concerning documentation
    Question concerning hard- and software errors

    Description of the erratic behaviour* 
    Detailed description
    Appearance (always / sporadic / depending on temperature)
    Source (hardware / software)
    Reproducible (yes / no)

    Additional Information (if possible respectively available)
    Detailed description of the test assembly for the reproduction of the erratic behaviour (possibly block diagram)
    Please take note, that a request without the information mentioned above cannot be processed. The more detailed the supplied information is, especially a detailed description of the erratic behaviour, the more efficient the request can be processed.

  • Processing of support requests

    TQ undertakes all economically reasonable efforts to provide solutions for support requests. Depending on the type of request the customer will be provided with an estimation, by when a solution can be expected.

  • Participation duty of the customer

    A participation duty results to the effect, that the described behaviour has to be reproducible on a TQ starterkit. Furthermore the customer has to appoint a contact person with technical experience.

  • Limitations of technical support

    • Technical support is only provided for products obtained from TQ
    • Technical questions will be answered exclusively (no sales-related, legal or similar questions) 
    • It is assumed, that the product related technical documentation was read by the customer
    • Questions concerning software supplied for free will only be answered, if there is a direct relation to a warranted hardware functionality 
    • Trainings are not part of the technical support, but can be requested from the appropriate sales personnel

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