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MB-COME-1 for COM Express

scalable from Intel Atom® up to Intel Core™ i7

COM Express Mainboard (carrier board)

  • For scalable platforms (from Intel Atom® to Core™ i7)
  • Tested with many COM Express modules from different CPU module vendors.
  • Applicable in Mini ITX systems
  • Flexible extendibility
  • Embedded features
  • Long-term availability
  • High level of functional reliability and durability (24/7)
  • High quality "Made in Germany"
  • Developed in the framework of Embedded Building Blocks
  • Suitable for - Rapid Prototyping- Mass production in small, medium und large quantities

  • Base


    The COM Express mainboard (carrier board) MB-COME-1 in combination with a standard COM Express module forms a very compact hardware kit that can be used for a freely scalable embedded PC platform thanks to its modular design. Because of this – with uniform interfaces and mechanical dimensions – the PC system can be easily adjusted to suit the requirements of the application. The many extension options and storage media that can be added offer a high level of flexibility and allow functionalities and performance to be extended easily, quickly and inexpensively. Typical uses are found in embedded server applications, , visualisation and monitoring and all applications that place high demands on quality, durability and long-term availability. If you need a customized COM Express Baseboard, please contact us. Development and production is done by ourself, so we can support you fast and efficient.

  • Detail



    Fan connector:

    1x 3-pin, 12 V, PWM controlled, tacho input

    System connector:

    1x internal connector, 10-pin, for connecting power button, power LED, reset button and activity LED

    Power LED:

    1x power LED and 1x activity LED on the mainboard + connection on system connector

    Reset button:

    on the mainboard + connection on system connector

    Power supply:

    ATX 20-pin (side plug-in for flat integration); 12V (+/- 5%), 5V (+/- 5%), 3,3V (+/- 5%), 5V Standby


    on the mainboard

    Temperature range:

    0°C ... +60°C


    10%... 90%

    Hight profile (incl. module and heatspreader):

    25 mm / 30 mm


    1x CR2032 within a robust socket

    Upgrading plug-in positions

    Mini PCIe:

    1x full size socket on the bottom side of the mainboard (PCIe & USB)

    Riser interface:

    1x Riser interface (for standard PCI/PCIe cards, max. 2x PCIe & 4x PCI)

    Module plug-in position

    Module plug-in position:

    COM Express (Basic & Compact, Typ 2)


    Internal display interface:

    Dual channel LVDS (18/24) + USB & COM for touch

    External display interface:

    DVI-I connector (digital & analog) for DVI and/or VGA monitor (Dual independant display support)

    System interfaces

    Gigabit Ethernet:

    2x RJ-45 (with Boot-On-Lan / IEEE1588)


    2x USB 2.0 (internal connector)


    optional via adapter connected to COM of the internal display interface


    1x SATA connector for additional harddisk or DVD


    1x sub D9 (male)



    1x socket on the top side of the mainboard

    Compact Flash:

    1x socket on the bottom side of the mainboard

    Internal mass storage and extension sockets:

    1x 2,5" Harddisk/SSD via SATA (directly mounted on the bottom side of the mainboard, without cable)

    Other interfaces & busses

    I/O interfaces:

    1x IO extension interface with PCIe, USB, LPC, HD audio, I2C (for proprietary expansion cards)

  • Downloads

    for MB-COME-1 for COM Express

  • Accessories

    for MB-COME-1 for COM Express


    for one standard PCI card (32-bit) (below the mainboard)


    for one standard PCIe card (x1) (below the mainboard)

  • Ordering


    COM Express Mainboard MB-COME-1L

    Carrierboard for COM Express Modules (Type 2)

    • "Standard-Version" (170 x 170 mm, Mini ITX)
    • External Interfaces: 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 4x USB, DVI-I, RS-232, Power- Button, Reset-Button
    • Internal Interfaces: CompactFlash socket, CFast socket, socket for 2,5” HDD/SSD, SATA, LVDS&HMI interface, 2x USB, System connector, IO Extension Interface, Mini PCIe socket, Riser interface for PCI/PCIe add in cards, 20-pol. ATX Power input, battery (socket version)
    • Expandable with standard add in cards (PCI, PCIe, Mini PCIe)


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