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Embedded module TQMa6ULx

with ARM Cortex™-A7 based on i.MX6UL / i.MX6ULL

ARM Cortex™-A7 module with i.MX6UL / i.MX6ULL from NXP.

  • Graphic
  • Extended temperature range
  • 2x Ethernet with IEE1588
  • Low power consumption (typ. 1 W)
  • C amera sensor interface
  • Security functions
  • Long-term availability

  • Base


    The Minimodule TQMa6ULx, based on the i.MX6UL / i.MX6ULL, combines the ARM Cortex-A7 core technology with a variety of interfaces. The integrated graphics controller supports applications with display and touch screen requirements. For various applications such as, industrial automation and controls with requirements for low power and secure data processing, there are three CPU variants available. With a Single Cortex™-A7 core and a clock rate up to 528 MHz the TQMa6ULx provides a balanced ratio between applications for visualization and control performance and power dissipation. Note about the ordering information: Further variants are available on request.

  • Detail


    Operating systems / User interfaces

    Operating systems on request:

    VxWorks, QNX, WIN EC 2013

    Operating systems:




    Up to 256 MB


    Up to 1 GB


    0 / 64 kbit

    e-MMC Flash:

    Up to 32 GB


    Temperature range, extended:

    -40°C ... +85°C


    1x Camera sensor interface (16Bit)

    Power supply:

    5 V

    Temperature range:

    -25°C ... +85°C

    Temperature sensor:



    In production

    Plug system:

    Board-to-board plug-in system 200 pins

    Pin number:








    i.MX6UL-1, i.MX6UL-2, i.MX6UL-3

    CPU frequency:

    Up to 528 MHz (700MHz)

    System interfaces


    Up to 2x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit


    2x CAN


    Up to 2x USB 2.0 High-Speed OTG


    Up to 4x


    Up to 8x

    SSI / I²S:

    Up to 3x


    Up to 4x


    Graphic interfaces:

    LCD Interface (24 Bit RGB)

    Other interfaces & busses


    CPU JTAG Interface

  • Downloads

    for Embedded module TQMa6ULx

  • Starterkits

    for Embedded module TQMa6ULx

    • Ordering


      TQMa6UL1, Cortex-A7 / 528 MHz, 4 GB eMMC Flash 256MB DDR3L, 64 kB EEPROM, -25°C …+85°C

      TQMa6UL2, Cortex-A7 / 528 MHz, 4 GB eMMC Flash 256MB DDR3L, 64 kB EEPROM, -25°C …+85°C

      i.MX6UL2 (G2) / 528MHz,8GB eMMC-Flash, 64MB Q-SPI NOR Flash, 256MB DDR3L-SDRAM, RTC, 64kB EEPROM, -40°C…+85°C

      i.MX6ULL2 (Y2) / 528MHz,8GB eMMC-Flash, 256MB DDR3L-SDRAM, RTC, 64kB EEPROM, -25°C…+85°C

      TQMa6UL3, Cortex-A7 / 528 MHz, 4 GB eMMC Flash 256 MB DDR3L, 64 kB EEPROM, -25°C …+85°C

      Other configurations on request

      STKa6 (Eval Kit) mit TQMa6ULx-AA, Cortex-A7 / 528 MHz, 256 MB DDR3L, 4 GB eMMC Flash, 64 kB EEPROM, 1x RS232, 1x RS485, 2 x CAN 2.0B separated 3x USB 2.0 HOST, 1x USB 2.0 OTG, 2x ETH 10/100, LCD Port, LVDS, 1x Mini PCIe (only USB), RTC, Temperature sensor, Reset-Button, SD interface, Power supply, 4 GB SD card, Cables

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