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Embedded module TQMP2020

with NXP QorIQ™ P2

Power Architecture module with NXP QorIQ™ P2020 processor

Embedded module TQMP2020


  • Easiest migration of PowerQUICC III on QorIQ™ by approved e500v2 core
  • Dual-Core P2020 up to 2x 1200 MHz in 45nm SOI for best Performance/Watt ratio
  • High-Speed communication via 3x Gigabit Ethernet, 3x PCIe and one USB 2.0 interface
  • Simple function extension via PCIe, SPI, I²C and flexible local bus


  • Base


    The embedded module TQMP2020 manufactured by TQ is the next generation of the well-known PowerQUICC III module family TQM85xx. The TQMP2020 is based on the P2020 dual core communications processor. The NXP QorIQ™ processor family P1 and P2 opens up the possibility of new applications in industry and communications. With one or two e500 cores and a clock speed ranging from 400 MHz to 2x 1200 MHz, the TQ module with its QorIQ™ processors offers an optimal balance between data processing speed and power dissipation. Thanks to the 45nm technology employed, power consumption is markedly lower that in comparable PowerQUICC III modules. This along with the extended temperature range means that it can be fitted to fanless systems. The TQ minimodule TQMP2020 is ideally suited to industrial applications where long-term availability, outdoor ambient temperatures and small sizes are important factors. In this respect, the module provides an excellent basis for quick and efficient networking by means of interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe and USB 2.0.

  • Detail


    System interfaces




    1x USB 2.0 HOST with ULPI interface


    2x, max. 400 kHz

    Gigabit Ethernet:

    3x | with Jumbo Frame Support, IP checksums calculation and IEEE1588v2 support


    DUART, max. 115 kBaud

    Operating systems / User interfaces

    Operating systems:

    Linux, QNX

    Operating systems on request:



    Temperature range:

    0°C ... +70°C


    In production

    Pin number:


    Plug system:




    Temperature range, extended:

    -40°C ... +85°C



    Power supply:

    3,3 V




    74mm x 54mm

    Power consumption:

    typ. 5 up to 7 W

    Other interfaces & busses

    Local bus frequency:

    16 bit enhanced / up to 66 MHz


    Up to 16


    JTAG Interface


    3x (2x) | 1.0a controller up to 2,5 Gbit/s


    up to 2x serial | with integrated message unit up to 3,125 Gbit/s



    Dual (P1020/P1021/2020) or single (P1011/P1012/P2010) high-performance Power Architecture e500v2 cores

    CPU frequency:

    up to 1200 MHz



    up to 8 GB


    32 KByte


    128 MB


    1x | supports to boot from the flash card

    Electrical Connections

    Power consumption:

    typ. 5 up to 7 W

  • Downloads

    for Embedded module TQMP2020

  • Starterkits

    for Embedded module TQMP2020

    • Ordering


      P2020 Dual Core CPU / 2 x 1000 MHz, 512 MByte DDR3 SDRAM + ECC, 128 MByte NOR-Flash, 32 KByte EEPROM,
      extended temperature range from –40 °C...+85 °C

      P2020 Dual Core CPU / 2 x 1000 MHz, 2 GByte DDR3 SDRAM + ECC, 128 MByte NOR-Flash, 32 KByte EEPROM,
      extended temperature range from –40 °C ... +85 °C

    • Extended benefits

      At TQ you not only get first-class embedded systems - we also provide a series of benefits around the embedded module:
      We support you in defining your requirements for your project. The technical specification serves as guideline for all persons that are involved in the development process. For a fast and easy starting-up we provide starter kits. Through the plug-and-play principle, the software evaluation can be started, if the actual target hardware is not yet available. Due to this a product can be launched faster, reasonably priced and more safely.
      We support you concerning the selection of components as well as Obsolescence management. Thus your products are protected against obsolete components, complex redesigns, doubtful sources and cost-intensive brokerwares.
      If desired we arrange a circuit diagram review for your baseboard directly by the developer of the module. Due to the longtime experience of our developers, it happens quite often that entrapments are indentified in the course of the review.Supply of Software, especially Board Support Packages and hardware-close driver for the required operating system. Therefore you shorten your development time and reduce your costs.
      Starting-up of your baseboard. In case that the starting-up of your baseboard with our module does not work at once, we support you by a structural fault analysis in order to quickly find the reason and repair it. We provide you with reference notes to power-on's e.g. power-on of a CAN controller to the local bus, as well as with application notes.Our Field Application Engineers are pleased to assist you with words and deeds before, during and after your design phase
      As system service provider TQ is able to take over the development, production and test of your baseboard. Therefore you get the whole tested unit from one hand. Please just ask us. We are pleased to consult you!

    • Support

      Starting-up video: In this video we show you the possibilities offered by the starter kit and how easy it is to get the starter kit up and running. >>> download the video >>> view the video in YouTube Scope of support: Our Field Application Engineers are pleased to assist you with words and deeds before, during and after your design phase. Read more about the >>> scope of support. Downloads: The latest documentation like product data sheets, manuals, application notes or software and driver are available in the „Downloads“ section on this page. Support Wiki: Extensive software information like BSP documentation, FAQs, application notes, example codes and tips & tricks are available in the >>> TQMP2020 Support Wiki. Contact: We are pleased to answer further questions. Please use our >>> support form to contact us.


    Our Field Application Engineers offer support during all phases of a project, from consulting and design-in to after-sales assistance. Current data sheets and product catalogs can be found in our Download Center.


    In our Support-Wiki, you can find extensive information about software, tipps and applications as well as product documentation.

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    TQ stands for technology with highest quality standards. For us this name represents a challenge which we do our best to meet at every single step of the process – from the original idea right through to the finished product. We see ourselves in this context as partners for our customers and support them in the pursuit of their strategic objectives. As a corporate group we cover the whole bandwidth of this comprehensive product and service spectrum and we can thus meet the special wishes of all our customers with great flexibility. TQ – your reliable partner for the whole world of electronics.

    • TQ offers the complete range of services - from concept to finished product.
    • All services are available on a modular basis or as a complete package - highly customized.
    • Our product range covers various areas such as drive motors as well as minimodules.
    • Embedded modules enable cost-efficient and timesaving solutions to keep up with today’s rapidly developing high technology market.